Dow Jones Industrial Average continues to move down in the red zone

Dow Jones has become weaker against the background of general economic problems

In brief: The fall of Dow Jones, after yesterday's sharp rise was quite natural. Such an opinion analysts of the Bank of America have expressed.

Dow Jones Industrial Average began to fall by mid trading session and approaching the psychologically important mark of 10,000 points. Analysts believe that the week is over for Dow Jones a serious fall in the range of 2%. Trading volumes continued to fall. The latest statistics are the following indicators: Inventories in April increased by 0.4%, is expected to grow by 0,5%, previous change 0.4%.

I also draw your attention to the European negative. Minister of Labour of Spain Celestino Corbacho said the reform of the Spanish labor market is designed to simplify the process of hiring and firing employees. This reform may attract public funds for unemployment in order to help companies cope with large amounts of termination pay to laid-off employees. According to proposed project, a fund to guarantee wages (Fogasa) compensates for 8 days of severance pay if the company will suffer financial difficulties.

Ukrainian Globalist
2010-06-11 15:37, Economics.

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