The exchange rate euro today: the collapse continues

The exchange rate euro is trying to stabilize

In brief: The exchange rate euro can not get out of the negative zone. Bulls on the dollar continue to put pressure on the euro.

The exchange rate euro continues a fever today. As a result of rolling back below $ 1.2100 euro / dollar fell below the minimum today $ 1.2080. After fixing in London couple continued downward movement. Feet below the $ 1.2080 and $ 1.2060 at the level of absorbed. Bida are at $ 1.2050, stops near $ 1.2040.

Current exchange rate EUR / USD $ 1.2053. Earlier, the euro / dollar showed a slight increase from $ 1.2120 to $ 1.2130 against the background of increased activity of customers after the market saw that the results of the placement of Italian government bonds have been rather quite good (it was placed in bonds maturing in June 2015 on E4 billion in February 2017 at E1.739 billion and maturing in February 2037 at E1.262 billion). Nevertheless, euro / dollar remains in the shadows if Offered at $ 1.2150, and dealers are reminded of feet below the $ 1.2090.

Ukrainian Globalist
2010-06-11 19:30, Currency news.

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