The scandal around BP embroiled the U.S. and Britain

Obama criticizes only BP

In brief: U.S. Ambassador in London: A Critique of Obama's address is BP is not directed against Britain.

Statements by Obama about the BP and the oil slick is not directed against the British, – said U.S. Ambassador in London Louis Susman. The fact that representatives of the American administration in the statements of the oil slick using the old name of the oil giant – “British Petroleum” – led to dissatisfaction in the UK.

Sasmen said that Obama may be, once and used the name “British Petroleum”, but it usually says “BP”. The company, which was roughly equal U.S. and British officers and shareholders, called BP, rather than British Petroleum, in 1998. In an interview with BBC ambassador, noting that it was “not a diplomatic problem,” said: “The problem is that the crash occurred, which entailed not only death but the death of Marine Fisheries, and a blow to the economy .

Igor Tringlers
2010-06-13 17:33, Economics.

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