Rate of gold sets a record of downturn

Gold value continues falling down

In brief: The sudden downturn of rate of gold has been lasting since the beginning of world exchange. Precious metal value is falling down faster than those of oil and Third World countries’ currencies.

Gold has unexpectedly lost its value along with Dubai World bankruptcy. This morning exchange has lead yellow metal to the minus. Analysts of market don’t even intend to forecast the future of gold rate.

Gold futures in the general system of electronic trading at the US exchanges have lost $30 and now are $1157 per ounce. Meanwhile the prices of contracts expected to August of the next year have fallen down to $42 and are $1150 per ounce.

At the beginning of the exchange in Hong Kong gold value has been about $1186-1187 per ounce but several hours later it has been reduced to $1145-1146.

Ukranian Globalist
2009-11-27 21:45, Currency news.

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