Germany begins to save frantically

Germany will live sparingly

In brief: A strong and stable (some years ago) Germany is entering a new phase of development, it is a mode of increased savings.

Economic problems in Europe have begun to threaten not only the poor countries, but also strong. Most read newspaper of the Federal Republic – Bild am Sonntag quoted Angela Merkel: “Most people know that we save in order to reduce our debts” – said the chancellor, while expressing hope that our compatriots will understand the Government announced unprecedented measures of austerity. And although her hopes, as shown by the early polls have under him the grounds last Saturday, nevertheless, showed that in fact, not all Germans are ready to seriously save for yourself.

Demonstrations were held in several major cities. In Berlin, the streets, protesting against government plans to budget cuts in social spending, reached about 20 thousand people in Stuttgart – up to 10 thousand. The essence of the many slogans and posters, which carried the representatives of the opposition and trade unions, amounted, perhaps, to the inscription on one of them: “Justice must be different.” Many Germans are always very sensitive to the figures, shocked, that according to the adopted program savings, the Government of Germany undertakes to save up to 2014 more than eighty-six billion euros, and among the planned measures – reduction in social spending and labor market reform. By the government estimation, this will reduce the budget deficit, now more than almost half the EU approved rules to the desired figure of 3%. But it seems no other way out, and most knew it. If you do not change the financial course now, the situation could spiral out of control, as all had the opportunity to just watch their neighbors on the euro. In general, of course, that the “package of savings, in the most need for the appearance of which the burghers at the household level continue to blame the Greeks, the enthusiasm of the population did not call. Nevertheless, never ceases to emphasize the Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble (Wolfgang Schäuble) «People should have no fear of the austerity measures.

And in fact, what actually the government is going to save? For example, for people with low incomes who receive unemployment benefits will no longer be in this period to make regular payments to the pension insurance. All the same monthly payment of around 41 euro gave too little growth in future pension. Only in this state budget would save 1.8 billion euros a year. Will no longer pay an allowance to children who can gain the whole set of other social benefits. In a special supplement for certain categories of citizens on housing (Wohngeld) will no longer include more and a supplement for heating. Waive mandatory, but bearing in practice, little use multiple programs to retrain unemployed middle-aged and only this will bring 2 billion a year. The country will reduce staff in the public and the public sector for 15 thousand people, at the expense of additional Christmas surcharges will drop the total salary of officials at 2,5%. This will give another 800 million euros a year. Coming to reduce the current 250000th army to 40,000 people, is planned as a complete rejection of conscription and the transition to professional armed forces. From next year it will bring another 600 million savings. Finally, another 1 billion euros will budget air passengers departing from all German airports – will put a special tax, which will lead to more expensive air fares for economy class for about 10 euro. Although the envisaged measures the overall economy and affected virtually the entire population, to assert that they will lead to total impoverishment of the population, it would be a very big exaggeration. Starve in Germany will not be anybody, but to spend the night at the stations will remain, as before, only those who make this choice solely on their own. Therefore, the majority of Germans, on reflection, preferred to spend last Saturday than on marches, and, as before, with a mug of good beer.

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2010-06-13 17:49, Economics.

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