Dow Jones Industrial Average continues to increase, avoiding new collapse

BP helps to restore the U.S. stock market indices, especially the growth of Dow Jones

In brief: Dow Jones Industrial Average moves to a new level of growth, cause of BP new plan of salvation.

Dow Jones Industrial Average started the new week with a confident and stable growth. Consumers do not see obstacles for increasing the volume of trading on the Dow Jones Industrial today. First half of trading session on the U.S. stock market goes in the green zone. Dow Jones rose to mark 10,294.28, the growth index was 83.21 (0.81%). We should remember, that Dow Jones index has fallen from the April high of 11,258 down to the 9850 area three times in the last 20 days. The level of 10,250 points has established itself as the temporary ceiling or resistance level. So, good news came from BP:

BP has sent the U.S. administration corrected plan to address the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, having a date set earlier by President Barack Obama. The document provides for the evacuation of about 50 thousand barrels of oil a day before the end of June. Thus, work will start two weeks earlier than originally proposed, and the company intends to make pumping more oil faster. Previously, Obama has demanded that BP’s target to open a bank account for damages to natural and legal persons affected by oil spills. “We want the money was allocated in a timely manner, and account management was done independently,” – said White House counselor Devil Axelrod in the interview with NBC. Blast on submersible drilling platform Deepwater Horizon occurred on April 20. Damage from the accident, according to expert estimates BP, will be $ 1.6 billion, according to various estimates, in the waters already got 85 to 189 thousand tons of oil.

Igor Tringlers
2010-06-14 14:54, Economics.

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