“Twilight Saga: New Moon”: Robert Pattinson invited Kristen Stewart to date

“Twilight Saga: New Moon”: love story comes true

In brief: Robert Pattinson is going to invite his pertner Kristen Stewart to date

“Twilight Saga: New Moon” succeded in becoming popular among people of ages from 12 to 30. Now its love story comes true and is full of gossips. Robert Pattinson has prepared Christmas’s surprise for Kristen Stewart: he’s going to invite her to the classical English village.

It is known that Robert has used his mother’s support to find the right house for spending several days together with Kristen. Later Robert’s parents will join them.

Kristen has already got to know Pattison’s family: first time at the Robert’s 23-d birthday party and then in Paris at the premier of “Twilight Saga: New Moon”.

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2009-11-30 10:17, Society.

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  1. Lil Buono Says:

    The series Twilight doesn’t just appeal to women ages 12-30. I think now it also appeals to woment 40+. I read all 4 books and saw both movies. Loved them both!!All of the actors were amazing!!Robert Pattinson and Kristen Steward bring the characters of Bella and Edward to life. The first Twilight was very well done. It was very clear how the two felt about each other with every seen. Your heart was always pounding…You could feel that the director loved the books and wanted to capture it on screen and she did!!

    The second, New Moon was great, but it jumped from one scene to another. At the end, when we waited for Edward to finally make his appearance, our hearts stopped beating!!!Beautiful as ever, and what a great actor. His expressions say it all!!!But I wanted more…the scene between him and Bella should have been longer. The words between them should have been longer, and more detailed. Back in her room, they should have put in the scene where she thought she was dreaming and him explaining why he left her in more details. The chemistry between the two is mesmerizing!!!

    I am a mother of four boys ages 8 to 14, and I am 40…and I felt like a teenager again….can’t wailt for Eclipse and Breaking Dawn!!!!

  2. judy judy Says:

    I agree with all the things that lil buono says on nov. 3o @ 307pm. But I am a
    grandmother of 4 grandsons and 4 grandaughters. I am 69.
    First I should tell you my fascination is more then the part you play Rob. I should tell you my heart throb, when I was a teenager was James Dean. Your acting style as well as your hair style remind me of Him.
    Also my fascination in not that of a teenager,it is as a grandmother. I worry about you. With all the screeming attention that you have a hard time with. I pray that your life does not end as many other heart throbs. To name a few
    Elvis , James Dean and many others, Turning to Drugs, Drinking, and doing
    dangerous, stupid things. Please don”t brake my heart as James Dean did.
    I also want many things for you, that you will have someone that you can love and share your live with. Someone that can look out for you. Wash your cloths ect. The way you look at Kristen it would be nice if it were her. Also I am thrilled that their are so many that are cheering your on. You deserve All this attention. Your acting is really very good . I have seen the haunten airman, the 2 twilight movies. the trailer for remember me and your verry very good. YOU DESERVE ALL THE ATTENTION. Now that I have thoroughly embaressed you. Guess I should end this. Although maybe I should add that I hope you are investing your money and being prudent. Now I really should shut up.
    Can’t wait to see your new movies you are working on. Bel ami & the western(Your part kidnaped by indians). Also are you going to be doing the the fourth book Breaking Dawn?

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