New collapse vs Dow Jones Industrial Average

Bulls have done everything for the growth of Dow Jones Industrial

In brief: Dow Jones Industrial Average moves to a new level of strength. Bullish trend became even stronger.

Dow Jones Industrial approached the absolute record in recent weeks. Dow Jones has overcome all barriers and stood at 10,361.77 at the overall growth of +170.88 (1.68%). The strong support for the Dow Jones Industrial Average came from the recent U.S. data statistics.

According to the Ministry of Finance of the U.S. net foreign investment in the long-term U.S. assets in April grew to 83.0 billion dollars at the expected 70.0 billion dollars. Total net foreign investments in U.S. financial assets in April grew to 15.0 billion. Data on the increase in total foreign investment in U.S. financial assets in March, revised from 10.5 billion to 26.0 billion dollars.

Ukrainian Globalist
2010-06-15 19:09, Economics.

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