The exchange rate: the future of the euro

The future of the euro is not so elusive

In brief: The exchange rate euro will rise against the new challenges the United States, if the euro area will avoid the new defaults.

The future of the euro looks much brighter than it looked like a week ago. Foreign exchange analysts note steady position BBH euro, despite the downgrade of the Greek agency Moody’s, Chairman’s Statement of Spanish bank BBVA that credit markets remain closed for small businesses, as well as weak data for Germany, which were lower than projected.

Analysts say the bank’s growth against the backdrop of positive news – it’s good, but the growth against the backdrop of disappointing news already says a lot. Discussions about the demand for a couple of the sovereign investors and the possible purchase of the bottom near the 1.2150 support also have a positive impact on the couple. Nevertheless, is unlikely to retest highs Monday, as short-term technical indicators in early New York session looks overbought.

Ukrainian Globalist
2010-06-15 23:02, Currency news.

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