Who saves the euro?

The future of the euro becomes transparent

In brief: Salvation of the euro became an obsession for European leaders. The entire euro zone is experiencing for the future of the euro.

The euro remains a major challenge for Europe. France and Germany partially settled there was disagreement on the question of European economic policy – they finally agreed on the establishment of an economic government of the EU.

In this case, the parties agreed to hold emergency consultations – if necessary, with the participation of not 27, but only 16 EU countries, which enter directly into the Eurozone. The observers have viewed the move as a revival of the Franco-German European tandem. It should be noted that earlier the parties had some cooling, which caused the sudden transfer scheduled for June 7 talks Sakrkozi and Merkel.


In the creation of an economic government and the EU, France and Germany initially advocated a fundamentally different positions. In particular, Nicolas Sarkozy proposed the creation of entirely new authoritative and administrative structure of the 16 states – members of the euro area with its own secretariat. For its part, Merkel expressed categorically forgiving create “new institutions”. In addition, Merkel insisted that the overall economic government should include all 27 countries – EU members, not just state the euro area. According to the Chancellor, in the future government should not be a distinction between “members of the first and second class.”

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2010-06-16 01:35, Currency news.

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