Currency exchange rates today: euro / yen goes down

Currency exchange rates today - yen is strong enough

In brief: Currency exchange rates today: euro falls, yen goes up. Bulls believe in japan currency today.

Mass stops breakthrough euro / yen below Y112.40 absorbed. There are currently testing a pair region Y112.00, which advocates support. Downward due to the dynamics of a pair of massive sales of dollar / yen, as well as testing the euro / dollar bidov of $ 1.2270/75. The supports intraday euro / yen levels perform Y111.78 and Y111.60. To understand the situation in Japan, look at the statistics:

The price index of corporate goods CGPI according to the Bank of Japan in May, as expected, increased on a monthly basis at 0.1% annualized growth in the index (the first time since December 2008) amounted to 0.4%, forecast 0.3%. Nintendo and Sony showed new possibilities of 3D technology in the field of video games in the search for new solutions to revive falling sales in the industry. Yesterday, June 15, Nintendo 3DS, presented at the annual conference games E3 in Los Angeles. The device allows you to play 3D games, with a view to not require special glasses. Sony introduced the Play Station 3 with the possibilities of using 3D. Sales of the games industry in the U.S. declined this year by 11%. Nintendo and Sony rely on 3D technology to revive sales.

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2010-06-16 17:45, Currency news.

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