Dow Jones Industrial Average is on the border between green and red

Dow Jones Industrial Average tends to a green zone

In brief: Dow Jones Industrial Average was unable to show the strengths of their blue chips. The level of support for today promises to be high.

Dow Jones Industrial Average will start trading at around 10,434.17 points today. The rise of the index up +24.71 points (0.24%) yesterday. On Thursday, the opening and the first half of trading on the U.S. sites were in a negative way, sales have contributed to the weak U.S. macroeconomic statistics. However, in the second half of the session, buying again, and the U.S. indices still managed to get into the positive region.

As a result of the day Dow Jones added 0.237% to 10,434.17 points and the broad market index S&P 500 0.128% to 1,116.04 points. At the moment (06:30 Moscow time) on the U.S. futures indices show a slight decline – 0,018%. Latin American markets finished the day without significant changes: BOVESPA fell by 0,324%, and the Mexican BOLSA slightly less – 0,09%. Asian indices are currently traded as near zero marks. Japanese index NIKKEI 225 at 6:30 MSCs shows a slight decrease – 0,07%, the Korean Kospi – at 0.138%, and the Chinese CSI300 adds 0,058%.

Ukrainian Globalist
2010-06-18 13:18, Economics.

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