The exchange rates today: yen climbs against dollar

The yen is increasing, the dollar falls

In brief: The exchange rate remains unpredictable today. U.S. is falling down.

Currency exchange rates can today boast of stability. The yen continues to rise against the U.S. currency, as Prime Minister of Japan, Naoto Kan has promised to reduce the huge public debt of the country, the world’s second largest. The Prime Minister, representing the Democratic Party of Japan, also increased the general optimism, stating opposition to a proposal to raise the consumption tax.

That countries are able to get out, finally, from the prolonged stagnation, the corporate tax rate which is 40.7%, will be reduced, as will the development of state health and environmental protection. Analysts Credit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank in Tokyo believe that the main goal of structural reform in Japan will be to ensure reliable sources of funding. Specialists note that the national currency in this situation to win.

Ukrainian Globalist
2010-06-18 13:57, Currency news.

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