Gold prices have reached new record high today

Gold prises are at the peak

In brief: Gold prices crossed the historical mark and continues to grow today

Gold prices on the world market has updated the historical record. On June 18 during trading on the Exchange NYMEX price of gold rose by almost $ 9 to more than 1,258 dollars per ounce. The previous historical high prices for precious metal – more than 1,250 dollars per ounce – was established on June 8.

Market participants do not exclude that in the near future the cost will reach 1,300 dollars per ounce. The increase in gold prices is associated with the uncertainty of investors in the world’s major currencies – the euro and the dollar. Thus, the European currency since the beginning of the year gradually lost the confidence of investors because of the credit crisis in Greece. However, a few euro has strengthened its position in the foreign exchange market on June 18, after being on the eve of the EU authorities have decided to publish in July, the results of stress tests the largest banks in the region. If on June 17 for 1 euro gave 1.2379 dollars, the auction on Friday – 1.2379. The price of gold futures for delivery in June on the basis of trading on the COMEX rose by 9.70 dollars to 1257.20 dollars per troy ounce.

Ukrainian Globalist
2010-06-18 20:05, Commodities.

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