Gold prices began to fall, the demand for gold in India has declined today

Gold prices in India are falling today

In brief: The sudden drop in gold prices began with India. Prices for precious metals fell all day today.

Gold prices went into the negative, after a sharp fall in demand for the precious metal in the country’s main consumer of gold – India. In the cash market of precious metals in the London spot price of gold for her morning fixing (AM Fixing) today dropped to its lowest level in three trading days. Price AM Fixing today amounted to $ 1,235.25 / ounce – the lowest since June 17. Should be reminded that the price of gold in London reached a new historical maximum – 1,259.50 USD / ounce.

Regarding the previous trading day price of gold in London today declined to 24.25 dollars per ounce, or 1.9%, adjusting the current prices of futures market. So, today in the electronic trading system of CME GLOBEX prices for transactions with active futures on gold (August) are kept in the range 1233,0-1241,9 dollars / ounce. Here’s what the prices of morning and afternoon fixing for gold in London in the previous five trading days (U.S. $ / ounce): – June 21 – 1259,50 (AM Fix), 1254,50 (PM Fix); – June 18 – 1244 00 (AM Fix), 1256,00 (PM Fix); – June 17 – 1234,50 (AM Fix), 1245,00 (PM Fix); – June 16 – 1235,50 (AM Fix), 1234,50 ( PM Fix); – June 15 – 1223,00 (AM Fix), 1225,00 (PM Fix).

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2010-06-22 11:19, Commodities.

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