The stock market today: Dow Jones Industrial has collapsed early

Stock market still remains under the influence of macro statistics

In brief: Stock exchanges in Europe are still in the red zone, Dow Jones Industrial released for sale in gloomy mood today.

The stock market remains in a negative trend today. Dow index is going down to 10,257.78 points. Trading in Europe ended lower indicators within 1%. In the U.S., the fall has increased to 1,6%. Dow Jones Industrial finished the day deep in the red zone. Analysts expect further decline in Dow Jones Industrial today. The pressure on the market have weak data from secondary housing market and falling prices for black gold. Stock exchanges in Asia today are also showing pessimism, Nikkei lost nearly 2%. Futures on the indexes in the U.S. plus 0.25%. Oil prices continue to fall (-0.6% to 77,6 dollars / Brent), precious metals have shown mixed dynamics within 1%. The exception is nickel contracts traded slightly above yesterday’s closing.

Today will wide macro block U.S. Census, the Eurozone, the euro zone countries and Britain. Bank of England will publish the minutes of the meeting, States – data on oil reserves. The Fed will decide on interest rates and comments on the decision. It is expected that the rate will be maintained at current levels against the phasing out of anti-crisis measures and slowing economic recovery. Most likely, in the coming days, the motion indexes remain in the established price range (1300-1410 points on the scale of MICEX). According to analysts EPFR, Emerging markets in June were again the beneficiaries of the growing appetite for risk. Flows of funds in the second week of June, tracked EPFR Global-tracked, beat the 10-week record for the weakening of the sovereign credit risk and good data. More than $ 37 billion withdrawn a week, demonstrating the desire of players to put investment in the work, even if most of the money had been sent to short-term instruments such as exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Among the signs of a return to risk transactions – the first since early May, inflows to the funds of high yield bonds, of which 660 million were sent to the Emerging Markets Bond Funds. The small outflow recorded from Japan Equity Funds and a substantial increase in the Global Equity Funds. At that time, European and Latin American funds and major leading industry funds experienced withdrawal, which was moderate in comparison with the outflow end of last month. Bond Funds attracted a total of $ 3.2 billion, Equity – 15,4 billion US ETF funds attracted nearly $ 11 billion.

Ukrainian Globalist
2010-06-23 14:48, Economics.

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