Bears hit upon a weak point of Dow Jones Industrial

Dow Jones Industrial Average is losing support

In brief: New blows inflicted by a bear flocks hilomu body Dow Jones Industrial Average. Analysts believe the growth index, but it already tomorrow.

Dow Jones Industrial Average started moving up, but the negative statistics brought the index to a sharp collapse. The level of support for DJIA from the bulls remain low today. At the time Dow Jones Industrial is 10,251.35 points, the loss exceeded 0.41%. Bad data came from the tobacco magnates.

U.S. tobacco company Philip Morris lowered forecast annual profit in connection with the depreciation of the single European currency. Thus, it is expected that earnings per share for the year amount to $ 3,7 – $ 3,8, whereas the previous forecast of $ 3.75 – $ 3.85 per share. Analysts on average expected profit of $ 3.77 per share. However, it should be noted that profits still show an increase of 17%, though slightly less significant than expected.

Ukrainian Globalist
2010-06-23 14:35, Economics.

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