Oil prices and U.S. cheap real estate affect the Dow Jones Industrial today

Dow Jones Industrial tends to the green zone

In brief: Dow Jones Industrial continues to remain at Flat. The main hope of bulls lie at the end of trading today.

Dow Jones Industrial is 10,305.92 points. The overall level of incidence for the Dow index is +12.40 points, or 0.12%. Consumers have begun trading on the U.S. stock market more active. At the indexes affected by the new data for statistics: The average price of sales of new homes in the U.S. in May fell by 1% to 200,900 dollars from 202,900 dollars to the revised (initially U.S. $ 198,400) value in April, year on year decline in May was 9.6%.

U.S. Department of Energy has published data on the change of oil and petroleum products for the past week – Crude oil prices – an increase of 2.0 million barrels against the expected reduction of 1 million gasoline – fell by 760 thousand barrels against the expected growth of 250 thousand Petroleum products – an increase of 300 thousand barrels expected 1.4 million Use of production capacity was 89.4%, expected 88.2%. Current demand for petroleum products fell by 60 thousand barrels / day and is 3.78 million bbl / day, current demand for gasoline fell by 95 thousand barrels / day and is 9.24 million bbl / day. The American Institute of petroleum (API) gave the following data on the change in reserves: Crude oil – an increase of 3.68 million barrels, Gasoline – an increase of 800 thousand barrels, Petroleum products – an increase of 1.1 million barrels, Capacity Utilization – 87.2%. Estimates for the U.S. DOE and API often diverge, as the Ministry compiles its report based on official data provided by companies in accordance with the law. While the API bases its data on a survey of companies with no documentary evidence of stock.

Igor Tringlers
2010-06-23 20:51, Economics.

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