U.S. stocks: Dow Jones Industrial Average hopes for the new week

Dow Jones Industrial has lost the support level

In brief: The new week of trades can bring Dow Jones Industrial Average significant benefits over other indices.

Dow Jones Industrial Average was unable to complete last week on a positive note. U.S. stock indexes up to the bidding Friday, June 25, showed mixed trends – S & P 500 and NASDAQ rose against the hopes of investors that the new draft law on financial regulation will not have a negative impact on earnings of Wall Street than they expected.

And also on the background of the positive statements of the company Oracle. By the closing trading the Dow Jones index fell slightly, losing 0.09% and stood at 10,143.81 points. S & P 500 rose on Friday at 0.29%, rising to a mark 1,076.76 points. NASDAQ Index on the basis of trades rose to 0,27% – to 2223.48 points. DJIA (Dow Jones Industrial Average, Dow Jones) – the average movement in share prices of the 30 largest industrial corporations. S & P 500 (Standard and Poor’s 500 Index) – index of share prices 500 largest companies by market capitalization. NASDAQ (National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation, automated quotation system of the National Association of Securities Dealers) – an index of high-tech companies. It is calculated on the basis of quotations of ordinary shares in all companies (U.S. residents and foreign), traded in the OTC system, NASDAQ, weighted by market cap.

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2010-06-28 14:07, Economics.

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