Currency exchange rates today: euro, pound and strong franc

Currency exchange rates today: euro falls to the pound

In brief: Currency exchange rates today - Swiss franc remains the most stable currency of the Old World. Exchange rate euro falls.

Currency exchange rates today remain volatile, the market continues to make slowly movements. Euro to Pound continues to bargain under pressure in the stg0.8162 in anticipation of the closure of the London session. A pair is on the level stg0.8153, slightly above the previously set minimum stg0.8150, which, as dealers said, will act as a barrier option and support.

Further support will be provided in stg0.8130/35, where at least November 2008 and 2.00% of the envelope moving average. Comments of the Central Bank of Switzerland, made last week, that is no longer necessary to carry out interventions on the foreign exchange market, provided investors with complete freedom of action, and they started selling a pair of euro / franc. Cross has established a new historical minimum 1.3456 on Friday, and, according to currency analysts, UniCredit, may fall even lower to a mark of 1.30. In the meantime, the euro / franc 1.3350 struck level and set a new historical minimum 1.3345. Another optional barrier for couples will perform the level of 1.3325, then 1.3300. Now the euro / franc traded at 1.3352.

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2010-06-28 16:52, Currency news.

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