Exchange rate today: U.S. will rise to new highs

Exchange rate - U.S. tightening the screws

In brief: The level of support for the U.S. dollar continues to rise. After the fall of stock markets, the dollar is once again becoming the main currency of refuge.

Exchange rates once again in the power of the U.S. dollar. Dollar starts a new Marathon growth today. The level of support for the U.S. currency becomes the new pyadestal. The euro exchange rate updates at least weekly at around 1.21 dollar per euro. Also note the sharp decline of the Russian ruble to the month of anti-record.

Falls even the British pound, and the only two currencies, for various reasons remain in their: UAH and the yen. If the latter succumbed to the dollar, the torque is actually growing on the background goverment regulation. Support of Ukrainian currency is ephemeral and talk about real strong Cruz hryvnia is not necessary, – said Anton Kutsenko, CEO of Open Knowledge. According to analysts the company, the dollar in Ukraine will grow to the level of 8.5 hryvnia for one to the end of this summer.

Ukrainian Globalist
2010-06-30 06:18, Currency news.

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