The exchange rate euro to dollar strive to achieve maximum heighs today

Exchange rate euro dollar remains in the green zone

In brief: Exchange rate euro is rising, the dollar and the pound continued to lose ground against the problems the British and the U.S. economy.

Dollar exchange rate continues to fall, as the euro is rising steadily today. As noted by dealers, in the case of the closing weeks of the euro / dollar above 1.2490 today, to the credit of couples can be asked to enter another positive week, completion of which is above the 55-day moving average at 1.2550 would be evidence of the establishment of a bullish trend.

When these conditions exist, think dealers can be assumed that as a result of the next significant upward movement of euro / dollar will rise to 1.31. Current euro / dollar 1.2575. At the same time, Mitsubishi UFJ said that the dollar / yen made a sharp rise above 88.00, but to test the maximum level of 88.20 could not. A pair also quickly retreated below 87.50, as the weakening dollar against other major currencies once again resumed on the background of disappointing data on employment outside of agriculture in the U.S.. The current rate of dollar / yen 87.60. Euro / dollar again demonstrates the positive trend. Ofer located in the area of 1.2620/25. It is believed dealers, in the case of a break above 1.2625 should expect further movement to a maximum of 1.2762 in May. Current euro / dollar 1.2606. Pound / dollar struck the resistance level of 1.5220 and rose to 1.5230. In the event that a couple can keep up the position, we can expect its growth to 1.5270/85.

Ukrainian Globalist
2010-07-02 16:44, Currency news.

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