The European stock market today: FTSE 100, САС 40 and DAX 30 are volatile

FTSE 100, САС 40 and DAX 30 try to survive today

In brief: Today's trading on the major European markets is going with a small change in the stock indexes.

The European stock markets are volatile today. Today’s trading at the major European markets such is going with a small change in the stock indexes. FTSE 100, САС 40 and DAX 30 had a plus at the very beginning. The U.S. stock markets are closed because of the celebration of the Independence Day and so the investors are in no hurry to settle the active bargains. Furthermore, the macroeconomic statistics published this morning macroeconomic statistics were mixed.

Thus, the indexes of activity in the euro zone services sector and Germany turned out to be better than predicted. The euro zone index has increased from 55.4 to 55.5 points this June while it was expected to remain the same and those in Germany amounted to 54.8 points compared to 54.6 points that were predicted. On the contrary, the index of activity in the service sector of Great Britain appeared to be much worse than expected. In June its value dropped from 55.4 to 54.4 points while it was expected to fall to 55 points. The retail sales also appeared to be worse than predicted, rising this May by only 0,2% of the expected increase by 0,4%. Today the British FTSE 100 index and the French CAC 40 traded with a decrease by 0,09% and 0,15% respectively, the German DAX 30 added 0.1% of the cost.

Olga Bespalova
2010-07-05 14:29, Economics.

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