The DJIA continues its confident growth

The DJIA opened the session with a confident growth

In brief: Today's trading at US stocks opened with a confident growth as the DJIA and the S&P grew 0.97% and the Nasdaq rose 1.5%.

Today’s trading at major U.S. stocks began with a confident growth of Dow Jones Industrial Average along with the other indexes. The DJIA grew 0.97% or 9,780.34 points from the beginning of the trading. The S&P followed, increasing also 0.97% or 1,032.49 points, the Nasdaq rose 1.5% or 2,123.38 points.

The vast majority of the shares from the Dow Jones index also opened the trading with a confident growth as part of the shares rose by more than 1%. Procter & Gamble shares were the only exception, dropping 0.2%. The leaders of the today’s market are the Alcoa shares that rose 2.9%, followed by Hewlett-Packard – 2.8%, Caterpillar – 2.7%, Bank of America – 2.3% and Wal-mart stores – 2.2%. The macroeconomic statistics published today were worse than predicted as the ISM index of business activity in non-manufacturing field decreased from 61.1 to 58.1 points this June while it was expected to decline to 60 points. The ISM index of economic conditions in non-manufacturing field dropped from 55.4 to 52.8 points while the decrease to 55 was expected.

Olga Bespalova
2010-07-06 15:53, Economics.

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