Malta real estate market goes to the bottom

Old Malta goes cheaper

In brief: The real estate market prices in Malta are falling due to the considerable fall in demand for housing cottage type.

The small European country became the latest victim of the mortgage. Malta, that is the cradle of Mediterranean European culture, a country with developed agriculture, says goodbye to high real estate prices.

The hotel business that developed the past two decades with a record pace became a regular target of the mortgage crisis. The fall of the construction sector of Malta was 39% for the first two quarters of 2010. From April 2010 to the present day fall in house prices in Valetta and around the capital of Malta resort towns was 23%. The collapse of prices per square meter was the highest since the Second World War. You can buy luxury villas on the west coast of the island nation for 800 euros / square meter…

Anrey Torbinski
2010-07-16 13:16, Economics.

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