The DJIA turned out to be hopelessly weak, but the bulls are preparing a surprise for the Bears on Monday

Dow Jones has lost all that it had earned during the last week

In brief: Dow Jones Industrial Average hurry to finish week in the green zone, but the Dow Jones attempt was unsuccessful.

The DJIA lost his footing at the start of trading on Friday. Dow Jones Industrial Average managed to hold above 10,000 points, but lost 2.52% in one day. Dow index fell victim to the terrible statistics. Thus, the consumer price index in the U.S. fell by 0.1% in June, which was the third consecutive monthly fall, said on Friday, Ministry of Labour of the country.

Reduce of the gasoline prices in the first place was responsible for the drop in the index. The main index of consumer prices, which is regarded as the best estimate of inflation trends, rose by 0,2%, but still remains very low. The main index excludes volatile prices of food and energy prices. Economists had predicted a stable level of overall consumer price index and 0.1 percent increase in the basic index. Over the past 12 months, consumer price index rose 1.1%, while the main index increased by 0,9%, according to the U.S. government. Reports of U.S. companies are not impressed investors. Net profit U.S. company Google Inc., Owns the first popular in the world of eponymous search engine, was $ 3.7 billion in the first half of this year, which is 27% more than last year. Revenues for the period totaled $ 13.5 billion, and up to the II quarter of this year totaled $ 6.8 billion in Reading profit Internet giant, in the II quarter of 2010 reached $ 1.84 billion, up 24% over the same peroiod last year. The company’s shares fell by 6,9%.

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2010-07-18 12:53, Economics.

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