Copper prices rise, nickel prices climb even higher silver prices tend to plus 0.5% today

Metals prices continue to rise against the good chinese news

In brief: China is forcing copper prices, nickel prices and silver prices to rise today.

Copper prices began to rise steadily, the price of nickel are added almost 1%, the price of silver matched to a record high in recent days. Metals rise after the fall on Friday on news that the Chinese government intends to increase the volume of low-cost housing.

Copper futures added 0.69%, nickel – 0,9%, silver – 0,35%. On Friday, spot prices fell: silver – on 2,56%, palladium – on 3,86%, copper – by 2,7%. At the same time, euro declines on Monday. Euro-dollar pair is trading at $ 1.2900 against $ 1.2930 on the basis of trading in New York on Friday. As it became known, the IMF has not agreed with the Hungarian government on reducing the budget deficit and providing financial assistance that will put pressure on the single currency during the trading session Monday and could lead to negative sentiment on European sites.

Ukrainian Globalist
2010-07-19 11:28, Commodities.

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