DJIA Bulls see the positive in the absence of negative statistics

Dow Jones Industrial Average is rising to the U.S. stock market today

In brief: The DJIA began a week with a positive attitude, support from the bulls is increasing, poor statistics are not available - say the Open Knowledge analysts.

The Open Knowledge analysts express confidence in the good prospects (reaching 10 300 points) for the Dow Jones Industrial Average today. The level of support for the bulls Dow index rising. Trading The DJIA futures trading began with the steady growth of up to 0,36%. Analysts believe that the absence of bad statistics provides excellent opportunities for the U.S. stock market today.

At the same time, Dow had lost all its gains since the beginning of last week, falling back to 10,097.90 points (-2.52%). Index S & P fell 2.88% to 1,064.88 points. American indices, feeling was strong support after reporting Alcoa and Intel, at the end of the week came under press doubts about the prospects for economic recovery in the world, which was increased reporting of weak banks, the prospects of introducing new regulations for the financial sector and a further fall in consumer confidence in the U.S. . One of the main outsiders Friday’s trading was the Bank of America (-9,2%), after the bank reported a loss on the mortgage business, as well as the negative revaluation of the trading portfolio. Disappointment to the market brought the quarterly results of American heavyweights “: Citigroup and General electric.

Anrey Torbinski
2010-07-19 12:31, Economics.

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