The last chance for the DJIA: housing report and Halliburton

The DJIA continues to increase modestly

In brief: US stocks today: the modest growth of the DJIA and other leading indexes continues.

The modest growth of the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the other leading indexes continues after the investors became more selective due to the great fall that happened at the US stocks last week. Such rapid decrease was caused by the negative macroeconomic statistics along with the bank reports and led to the biggest DJIA fall of the month as it dropped below approximately 261 points last Friday.

The US stocks are recovering today as the DJIA increased 0.78%, the S&P 500 grew 0.80% and the Nasdaq rose 0.96% by current time. The recent housing report of the National Association of Home Builders caused another decrease at the US stocks though the leading indexes managed to remain in green zone after all. The company’s confidence indexes dropped to 14, which is the lowest value since March of the last year. The other housing reports that are expected later during the week are also said to be quite disappointing.

Olga Bespalova
2010-07-19 19:47, Economics.

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