The DJIA climbs higher after a short crash as the UAL shares rise

The DJIA is trying to grow

In brief: Dow Jones Industrial began to recover after the fall today. The level of support for the Dow index rises.

The DJIA went into the red zone at the start of trading today, the index began to climb above the middle of trading. Dow Jones Industrial declined very rapidly, but the bulls have managed to change the course of the match. Dow index is close to the green zone, losing -55.74 (-0.55%).

At the same time, the volume of new homes in the U.S. fell in June 2010 compared with the previous month by 5% – up to 549 thousand units, the Commerce Department said the United States. Analysts had expected a decline of 2,7% – to 577 thousand units. In addition, UAL, which is a subsidiary of United Airlines, has published data on profits in the second quarter of $ 430 million was reported that UAL profit in the second quarter excluding certain items was $ 1.95 per share, which was above analysts’ forecasts of $ 1.75 at the paper. At the same time a year ago the company suffered a $ 321 million loss, or $ 2.21 per share. Revenue rose 28% to $ 5.16 billion, helped by better occupancy aircraft and tariff increases.

Anrey Torbinski
2010-07-20 15:58, Economics.

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