With a hope for great Dow: US stocks forecast

The decrease of the DJIA continues

In brief: The DJIA continues to decrease, affected by the negative corporative news and macroeconomic statistics.

Dow Jones industrial will rise sharply today, – say the Open Knowledge experts. Current session at the US stocks opened with a noticeable decrease of the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the other leading indexes. The investors are apparently affected by the negative corporative news and macroeconomic statistics as the DJIA continues to decrease, falling 0.79% by current time. The S&P 500 followed, dropping 0.62% and the Nasdaq lowered 0.93%.

Though some of the biggest US companies reported about their profit for the second quarter of this year, their reports seem to be worse than analytics predicted. The recent macroeconomic statistics also affected the market as the US Department of Commerce announced that the volume of construction of the new houses in the US decreased 5% to 549 thousand units this June compared to the May. The analytics predicted that volume to be approximately 580 thousand units. Home Depot quotations lowered 0.9% after the announcement of this statistics.

Olga Bespalova
2010-07-20 16:33, Economics.

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