U.S. stock market today: the DJIA to rise or post-traumatic syndrome has finished

Dow Jones Industrial Average will react to Bernanke's speech

In brief: U.S. stock market today: Dow Jones Industrial Average will rise against the background of positive news yesterday, and rebuild indexes.

First of all oil and Bernanke give a chance to grow for the Dow Jones Industrial Average U.S. stock market today. The DJIA will start the bidding at 10,229.96 points, thanks to yesterday’s rise +75.53 (0.74%). U.S. stock market opened with gepom down because of the disappointing report by Goldman Sachs and poor statistics on the housing market yesterday.

Net profit Goldman Sachs in 2 quarter was $ 0.78 per share forecasts $ 2.04 per share. The weak results of the company related to the payment of tax on bonuses in the UK (the company paid $ 600 million) and a fine of $ 550 million in connection with a lawsuit SEC. In the afternoon session of the American stock market regained the position and on the bidding results showed an increase of 1%. Equities Goldman Sachs, for example, grew by more than 2%. Growth has contributed to the positive reports from Apple, Yahoo and Pepsi, as well as positive expectations facing today’s Bernanke speech with semi-annual reports to the Senate (which may be announced new programs to stimulate the economy). Asian markets traded in positive territory, thanks to positive reporting Apple (which showed that in the high-tech sector, things are not bad), as well as continuing to win back the idea of increased social housing in China.

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2010-07-21 11:43, Economics.

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