Commerzbank sees prospects for buying the euro / dollar, and evaluates the stress tests

Commerzbank offers its own way to evaluating the results of stress tests

In brief: Stress tests are dangerous for the euro, the dollar exchange rate stabilized. Commerzbank believes in the prospects for the euro.

Stress tests have become a new test for the euro exchange rate. According to currency analysts, Commerzbank, the weakening euro against the dollar may be limited, despite the fact that some European banks will not pass stress tests. Rumours that not all banks have successfully passed the test, not necessarily be taken as bad news for the euro, mark the bank’s strategy.

It can be interpreted differently: in the event that only a certain number of financial institutions need to be amended, it is taken as a sign that the test proved to be quite complex. At Commerzbank noted that many market participants do not seek to open new positions until July 23, until announced the official results of the stress tests. European regulators examine the stability and reliability of the bank in 1991 to find out whether they will suffer the possible losses from investments in government bonds.

Ukrainian Globalist
2010-07-21 17:03, Currency news.

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