International Energy Agency: who devour the earth energy?

China has become the largest energy consumer in the world

In brief: China consumes the most electricity. The representative of the agency said that China's growing consumption of energy is a natural phenomenon in the light of people living in the country.

China surpassed the U.S. consumption of energy and became its largest customer, notes the report of the International Energy Agency (IEA). One of the key factors in this process was a huge population of China, which is four times the U.S. population, as well as the growing popularity of consumer goods among the Chinese.

Another reason is the unprecedented growth spurt of the Chinese economy, which during the past decade was about 10% annually compared to 2.6% in the U.S.. Moreover, the main growth was in construction and industry, who are the largest consumers of energy. A role in advancing China’s leaders have played and the global financial and economic crisis that hit the U.S. economy is much stronger and conceived a negative impact on electricity consumption. Leading position in China’s energy consumption is another indicator of its growing influence on the world economy, particularly in the energy field. China rushes to the world leaders in the field of renewable energy. The territory of the country covered by a network of wind power, and last year China became a leader for the production of solar cells. However, energy consumption per capita in China lags behind the U.S. is almost three times that it is not surprising, given the difference in the population.

Experts say that given the rapid pace of economic growth, China had to bypass the U.S. in the energy field. And so it happened in the past year. And this year should avoid Podnebesnya America, and the volume of industrial production.

In 2009, the share of the United States had 19.8% of world industrial production and the share of China – 19,6%. Now the country must be swapped, and China will become the holder of the world’s largest real sector of the economy, leaving the U.S. questionable leadership in the virtual economy – in the art of inflating the financial bubble, which at times with the universal roar burst, creating a global cataclysm.

Meanwhile, IEA report caused a backlash in Beijing. The Chinese authorities do not accept the findings of the agency, arguing that there is not taken into account the measures taken by the authorities of the PRC on saving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The Chinese leadership has somehow irritate the findings of Western analysts of the growing global influence of their country. Although the analytical conclusions IEA presented a reflection of objective reality, and not a hidden criticism of China. Summing up the same can be said that Communist China gradually encroaching into the world table of ranks of the liberal-democratic America, claiming that it was he in the XXI century will be the number one power, and U.S. history overshadowed.

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2010-07-21 22:03, Economics.

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