Currency rates today: pound rises as euro falls

Currency rates today: pound increases, the euro is plunging

In brief: Currency rates today: Pound continues to grow in the glow of fading euros. Barclays Capital doubts the stability of the single currency.

Currency rates are pound oriented today. As noted by Barclays Capital currency analysts, closing short positions on the euro / sterling remained the dominant trend today. Nevertheless, small signals of bearish divergence, which began to appear during the last days – the first evidence that the upward dynamics in a pair dies.

Meanwhile, the euro / pound struck support at 0.8400 and continues to roll on the previously established maximum 0.8532. The next support will be provided in 0.8385/80, where, as noted by dealers are the foot and bids. In the case of a breakthrough this mark can be expected to further reduce the couple to 0.8365/60. At the moment pair is trading at 0.8392.

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2010-07-21 23:44, Currency news.

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