Currency exchange rates today: Barclays Capital is betting on pound, the euro remains an outsider

Currency exchange rates today: Barclays Capital tempting to buy a pound and to sell euro

In brief: Currency exchange rates today: Barclays Capital does not believe in further growth and a bright future euro. Exchange rate pounds increases.

Currency exchange rates today are stable. Exchange rate euro falls, the pound exchange rate rises above. Foreign currency analyst of Barclays Capital noted that a sharp decline in euro / pound on Wednesday, as well as signals of bearish divergence signals that the recent growth of the pair against the background of the closing of short positions ceased.

Intraday support will be provided at the level of 0.8385. In the event of further negative dynamics, we can expect further decline to 0.8315, according to the bank’s strategy. Current euro / pound 0.8411. Meanwhile, the euro / pound dipped below 0.8400 and tested yesterday, at least during the Asian session, 0.8395. Ofer at 0.8390 absorbed. Further, as dealers reported that demand for a couple is in the field of 0.8380/70, stronger demand – on the way to 0.8360. Resistance remains at 0.8430.

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2010-07-22 11:31, Currency news.

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