Barclay’s dollar exchange rate forecasts remain bearish

Barclays Capital does not believe in the future of the dollar

In brief: Exchange rate U.S. dollar will decline against the yen, according to Barclays Capital analysts.

The dollar exchange rate may fall. Foreign currency analyst at Barclays Capital expect to reduce the dollar / yen in the short term and indicate a negative a light.

Candle emerged last week, which, together with the continued weakening of the securities market and the decline in yields on U.S. bonds (2-year U.S. government bonds have fallen to record lows) will provoke further reduction couples. Judging by the signals of bullish divergence, we can assume that the time the last stages of decline, however, at the moment, the bank remain bearish forecast to 86 and 84.75. According to strategists, Barclays Capital, close above 87.60 will give further impetus to the rising momentum in the pair.

Anrey Torbinski
2010-07-22 15:58, Currency news.

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