S & P gives hope for the UniCredit Leasing

S & P made a move by horse

In brief: S & P upgraded the ratings of UniCredit Leasing to A A-1 to A A-2 with a "stable" outlook.

International rating agency Standard & Poor’s upgraded long-term and short-term counterparty credit ratings on UniCredit Leasing SpA to A \ A-1 to A \ A-2 from “stable” outlook, according to the rating agency materials. These rating actions reflect the core status of UniCredit Leasing in UniCredit Group.

The integration of UniCredit Leasing within UniCredit Group has increased: many leasing groups in Europe have been concentrated in UniCredit Leasing. “As a result, we recognized the key status of UniCredit Leasing, respectively, the ratings were revised upwards and now are at the level of the parent company UniCredit SpA (A \ A-1 with a” stable outlook “),” – said a credit analyst at S & P Francesca Sacchi. “Stable” forecast on ratings of UniCredit Leasing reflects the “stable” outlook on the ratings of the parent company UniCredit SpA, which, according to analysts, rating agencies, will provide financial support to UniCredit Leasing in the future. At the same time, any rating action on the parent company UniCredit SpA may have an impact on the ratings of UniCredit Leasing and cause them to review, mark in the S & P. In addition, experts’ rating agency stressed that the decrease in support from the parent company could lower ratings of UniCredit Leasing.

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2010-07-22 17:14, Economics.

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