Currency exchange rates today: Euro stabilizes, the dollar shows teeth

Currency exchange rates today: Dollar starts to bite on short positions

In brief: Currency exchange rates today: Euro continues to look for a foothold at a mark 1,29 dollars. Support for euro / dollar buyers drops.

Currency exchange rates remain stable today. Single European currency continues to meet the interest in buying on the decline, but the Bulls still are not rushing to develop counter-attack, and dealers acknowledge the risk of increasing pressure on the couple in the short term, given the nervousness of investors on the eve of the publication of stress tests, especially since the euro is trading not too far from highs of the week.

Bid seen around $ 1.2880, but falling below support the increased pressure, opening the way for lower to $ 1.2850, $ 1.2835 and $ 1.2820, while in general will be under the gun buy orders near the figures with big feet to break $ 1.2790. Ofer, meanwhile, is visible in the field of $ 1.2930/35, more massive deployed near $ 1.2960/70 and $ 1.30. At the same time, dollar / yen rose to a mark of 87.22 in the last trade, as U.S. stock markets provoked a reversal in the opposite direction after yesterday’s downgrade. A pair of somewhat receded now below the 87.00. According to dealers, Ofer are at the level of 87.50 to a maximum of 87.58 Tuesday, 87.60 feet above.

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2010-07-23 08:47, Currency news.

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