S & P 500 index goes down as Dow Jones Industrial fought the bears today

Dow Jones Industrial Average is rising, S & P 500 index remains weak

In brief: S & P 500 index stays volatile as Dow Jones Industrial Average rise, but experts predict new problems.

S & P 500 index is going after Dow Jones Industrial Average today. S & P 500 index can not be supported by the bulls. Dow Jones Industrial Average continues to rise despite a fall in Microsoft Corp. at -1,781%. Dow Jones Industrial approaching the mark of 10,333.20 points, gaining +10.90 points (0.11%).

Today, several companies whose shares are included in the Dow publicized quarterly reporting, which again proved to be better than expected. However, the nervous anticipation of the results of the European stress test reduced the interest of investors to risk, and they again started buying the dollar, which in turn led to lower prices for stock and commodity assets. Nevertheless, the growth leader at the opening of trading shares were the phone company Verizon communications, grew by 2,1%, the cause of which was compiled quarterly reporting of the company. S & P 500 index is counting on the growth of trading companies and retailers.

Anrey Torbinski
2010-07-23 16:45, Economics.

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