Forbes’ TOP reasons of car accidents

Drunk drivers are leaders to cause car accidents

In brief: Forbes’ published the rate of drivers’ faults.

There is no driver who doesn’t violate traffic rules. This fact made Forbes introduce the rating of the most popular faults and violations of drivers. Our review of Forbes’ list introduces its first 6 positions.

The first place in the list of the most stupid faults drivers make is occupied by drink-driving. 40% of expertises to alcohol show positive resaults. Nine of ten accidents are usually fatal because of drunk drivers.

The second position is for SMS-writing while driving. SMS-writing is the way to escape the forbiddance of phone-talkings while driving. Thus the number of car accidents caused by SMS-writning during driving rises up every year.

Provocations of aggressive drivers are on the third position.

The forth stair is reserved by wrong use of child-chairs. Improperly fixed chair disturbs driver or eventually shoots out of car interior. Very often it causes fatal consequencies.

The fifth place belongs to the false speed level. It concerns most of all inexperienced drivers unable to definite the right speed level depending on weather conditions or road quality.

Somnolency driving is the next. This means that driver is sleepy or tired. It leads to losing of control, collisions etc.

So… be careful while driving and better obey traffic rules in order to be safe and alive.

Maria Velikanova
2009-12-10 10:41, Society.

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