Dow Jones Industrial will grow rapidly as JPMorgan Chase & Co ceases to fall

Dow Jones Industrial: Bulls celebrate another victory

In brief: JPMorgan Chase & Co gives a chance for the DJIA bullish trend, but Chevron has continued to roll down.

Bulls no longer nervous and are trading with confidence. Dow Jones Industrial gained about 1% after a slight fall in early trading today. DJIA made a stop at the mark of 10,413.50 points, taking with bears +91.20 points (0.88%). JPMorgan Chase & Co becoming more expensive to 1,067% after early fall.

Earlier, Bank of America shares have fallen in price by 1%, and banks JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Morgan Stenley – on 0,58% to 0,82%, respectively, at the opening of tenders. Meanwhile, the U.S. Treasury today announced plans to sell another 1.5 billion shares of Citigroup of the 5.1 billion shares, which he currently holds. It is worth noting that the last 1.1 billion sale of securities of the company on July 1 this year brought to Washington to 4 billion dollars Investors embraced the news negatively, resulting in quotation Citigroup dropped to 1.34%. Not met expectations of analysts and financial report for the I half of oil service company Schlumberger (-3,87%). Schlumberger net income during the period fell to 1.49 billion dollars, while revenues remained almost unchanged and amounted to 11.53 billion dollars cheaper, and shares of oil giants Exxon Mobil (-0,45%), Chevron (-0,72% ) and ConocoPhillips (-0,42%).

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2010-07-23 19:34, Economics.

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