Forecast: Dow Jones Industrial has promised future records to the bulls

The DJIA has completed trades with a good recovery

In brief: Dow Jones Industrial has not responded to the results of stress tests and remained at a high level today.

The DJIA has completed trades in the green zone. The overall level of trading volumes of the stock market remained below average. At the same time, Dow Jones Industrial fell in early trading and rose in the second half of the session only.

Dow Jones industrial average: 10424.62 points (+102.32 points) +0.99%, Nasdaq Composite: 2269.47 points (+23.58 points) +1.05%, S & P 500: 1102.66 points (+8.99 points) +0.82%. Analitki believe that next week will be very successful for the Dow index and the Nasdaq Composite. Data from Eurozone stastistiki and accountability of American companies, released today, only strengthens the belief of investors that the recovery of the European economy is doing well than expected, despite the reduction in government spending to fight the budget deficit, and cause the largest U.S. corporations on the situation so badly.

Anrey Torbinski
2010-07-23 20:32, Economics.

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