STMicroelectronics continues to go up

STMicroelectronics has published data on 27% sales growth

In brief: STMicroelectronics is a leader among the Swiss technology companies.

Europe’s largest semiconductor manufacturer STMicroelectronics has published data on the growth of profit in the second quarter of this year against the 27% increase in sales of chips.

It is reported that net profit STMicroelectronics was $ 356 million compared with a net loss of $ 318 million a year earlier. Profit for the exception of some articles was 18 cents a share, coinciding with the forecasts of analysts. Sales rose to $ 2.53 billion, STMicroelectronics expects revenue growth in the third quarter from 13% to 19%, equivalent to $ 2.71 billion analysts expect earnings in the third quarter will be $ 2.63 billion.

Anrey Torbinski
2010-07-24 02:46, Economics.

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