Hartz-IV evicting the unemployed in small apartments

Hartz-IV added the problems of unemployed

In brief: German jobless will live in appalling conditions, the government forces people to change their place of residence.

German unemployed, welfare recipients Hartz-IV, could face a forced move to smaller apartments. These guidelines gave the Government of Germany, a group of experts from the Ministry of Labour. Experts in particular, offer to transfer to local authorities the right to decide what was the size of social security payments to unemployed to pay for housing they occupy.

This indicates that the lone recipient of Hartz-IV may require subsidies, only 25 square meters of housing. Previously, the maximum amount of floor space covered by subsidies, was 46 square meters. Reducing the size of the area of housing, paid through grants, should, according to the Ministry of Labour, to help municipal authorities in the budget deficit to free up some funds. Reducing social benefits to unemployed is one of the key provisions of the Government’s Angela Merkel’s program to reduce the budget deficit and public debt. Under the proposed plan, due to cuts in welfare benefits the government would save 30 billion euros, ie more than a third of the total planned sum of 80 billion euros, which is proposed to facilitate the expenditure budget.

Igor Tringlers
2010-07-25 07:05, Economics.

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