Dow Jones Industrial has a huge chance to rise higher as the U.S. economy recovers

Geithner confident in U.S. economic growth and stability, Dow Jones Industrial

In brief: T. Geithner: Restoring the U.S. economy becomes apparent, the stock market will rise. Bulls hoping for Dow Jones Industrial.

Dow Jones Industrial receives every chance to increase after the Minister of Finance. Dow Jones Industrial concluded the week with an excellent result. The DJIA will start trading at around 10,424.62 points, gaining +102.32 (0.99%). Finance Minister Timothy Geithner said that the U.S. economy is gradually recovering.

In addition, he noted that the probability of a “second wave” crisis is unlikely. “You all can see the restoration of the economy (the U.S.). Look, private investment is growing, new jobs. It inspires confidence”, – said T. Guyther. At the same time, the head of the Ministry of Finance added that the creation of jobs in the private sector has recently grown “not enough”. Recall, 21 July 2010. Federal Reserve System (FRS) Ben Bernanke said in a report to Congress that the future of the American economy “extremely uncertain” and that she is very weak. He also added that the “second wave” of the crisis is unlikely, however, stressed that the Fed, if necessary, ready to take new steps to overcome the effects of the crisis.

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2010-07-25 08:11, Economics.

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