The DJIA will pick up more than 1% as General Electric Co (NYSE: GE) gained more

General Electric Co shares rising in price and give chances Dow Jones Industrial Average next week

In brief: General Electric Co has helped the Dow Jones Industrial Average to rise above turmoil against the backdrop of the banking sector.

The DJIA will continue to increase against the background of certain positive trends in the manufacturing sector. is optimistic. Dow Jones Industrial help and statements of officials on the upcoming release of the U.S. economy out of recession. Among blue-chip Dow index pleases General Electric Co.

General Electric Co was able to regain the lost points, gaining 3,287% on Friday. General Electric Co shares rose in price to 15.710 USD. General Electric Co is 15.71, +0.50 points. Dow index can win more than 1% at the opening of U.S. stock market trading on Monday – experts are assured. By the way, Warren Buffett owns 7,777,900 shares of GE, valued as $ 142 million as of Mar. 31, 2010, which accounts for 0.28% of his equity portfolio. George Soros owns 12,502 shares of GE, valued as $ 0 million as of Mar. 31, 2010, which accounts for 0% of his equity portfolio.

Igor Tringlers
2010-07-25 15:35, Economics.

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