The DJIA is ready to gap up at the end of the trading, as the FTSE 100 index remains weak

Dow Jones Industrial Average rises above as the FTSE 100 Index is losing foothold

In brief: FTSE 100 Index continued to fluctuate near zero. Dow Jones Industrial Average rising against the rise of the banking sector.

Dow Jones Industrial Average is close to the mark of 10.500 points. Dow index gained +39.05 points (0.37%), pushing the bears away. At the same time, FTSE 100 index losing and is in the red zone. The British FTSE 100 index traded with a decrease to 0,04%, French CAC 40, on the contrary, lowered by a similar 0.04%, while the German DAX 30 lost by this time 0.25% of the cost. Today’s session at the leading European markets began with up and the best results were observed in shares of banks.

Investors welcomed the outcome of stress tests, but the mood to buy quickly finished and soon the indices gradually began to decline. Most of the securities included in the regional indices, traded at this time with a small mixed dynamics. The best performance among the stocks comprising the FTSE 100 were observed in the papers of the oil company Tullow Oil, went up by 4.16%, the worst – Mines Vedanta Resources, reducing the market value of which amounted to 2,08%. In turn, the worst performance among the “index” securities Frankfurt Stock Exchange observed in the actions Deutsche Bank, depreciating by 1.52% and chemicals group K + S – on 1,62%. Leader growth in the middle of the day were paper Commerzbank, went up by 1.02%. The biggest growth among the stocks comprising the index, the CAC 40 Paris Bourse remained in the papers of the bank Societe Generale, went up by 3.08%. The worst results demonstrated Paper mikroeklektronnoy company STMicroelectronics, whose fall was 2.11%.

Igor Tringlers
2010-07-26 14:52, Economics.

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