Hot Stocks: The DJIA is loyal to bullish trend, FTSE 100 index remains green

Dow Jones Industrial strive to rise above, FTSE 100 index gaining 0.7%

In brief: Dow Jones Industrial is not going to stop and was preparing to take a new peak today. FTSE 100 index remains green.

The DJIA can not reach the boundary mark 10,500 today. Dow index goes up to 10,469.05 points and stops, prevented IBM shares. Dow Jones Industrial acquires +44.43 points (0.43%) per hour before the end of the trading session. At the same time, the European stock market rose, bulls delighted FTSE 100 index.

European stocks closed in green due to increasing shares of banks. Investors reacted positively to the results of stress tests banks in Europe, published in Friday evening. Pan-European Stoxx Europe 600 index rose 0.5% to 257.12 points, the British FTSE 100 – by 0.7% to 5,351.12 points, Germany’s DAX – on 0,5% to 6,194.21 points, the French CAC-40 – by 0,8% to 3,636.18 points. Seven European banks have not passed the stress tests conducted to confirm the stability of the banking system of the EU. In an attempt to calm the jitters among investors about the possible consequences of the influence of the debt crisis in the euro zone countries on the banking system in Europe, bank regulators have attempted to assess how well the 91 banks across Europe will be able to cope with the re-recession.

Igor Tringlers
2010-07-26 19:06, Economics.

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