Dow Jones Industrial would rise at the end of trading, thanks to EI du Pont (NYSE: DD)

E.I. du Pont attracts buyers, Dow index is rising

In brief: E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company (NYSE: DD) shares continue to rise in price, giving the Dow Jones Industrial new hope.

E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company (NYSE: DD) shares rise in price at the auction the U.S. stock market today. Dow index remains volatile. Bears and bulls can not drag the Dow Jones Industrial into one of the parties. Dow Jones Industrial Average gained +9.16 points (0.09%), approaching to 10,534.50 points at the moment.

U.S. stock market in the first half of the trading session demonstrates the volatile dynamics. Start trading was marked by bullish dynamics indexes were slightly positive territory, helped by good reporting of a number of companies, including DuPont (NYSE: DD), as well as more significant than predicted by analysts, the growth in housing prices in 20 metropolitan regions of the United States, an estimated S & P / Case-Shiller. Nevertheless, the “holiday heart” did not last long, the mood was spoiled investors grew out data on consumer confidence – not only that the indicator has declined in July compared to the previous month’s data, so also was worse than expected. Thus, the index of consumer confidence in July was 50.4 points, while the projected decrease from 52.9 points to 51 points. Versatile events several troubled investors, and repeatedly stepped over the indices of the “green” zone in “red”, trying to still continue begun in the early session rally. Standard & Poor’s 500 is trading with a decrease to 0.196% at around 1,112.83 points, Dow Jones Industrial Average indicator of blue chips adds 0.009% to a level of 10,526.39 points and the index of high-tech Nasdaq Composite traded in the red at 0.407% on the mark at 2,287.08 points.

Igor Tringlers
2010-07-27 17:11, Economics.

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